Ofi light


Ideal to help users with manual water treatment, the OFI floating analyser will regularly analyse the essential components of water treatment and give advice in real time.

To have a real time view, Ofi, installed in the pool, continuously monitors the essential elements of the water (pH, Chlorine, Salt, Conductivity and Water Hardness) to allow the user to optimise the treatment of his pool. All information is displayed in a simple and intuitive application, with feedback via Bluetooth.

Ofi's design has been specially studied to fit into its environment. And not only that... Ofi is equipped with 3-colour LEDs that allow you to know the state of your pool at a glance: green light for good quality water, blue for an action to be planned and red if an intervention is necessary!

The Ofi analyser also allows the pool to be animated at nightfall thanks to its 6 available colours.

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Measurement of water pH and RedOx

Measurement of water temperature and conductivity

Analyzer supplied with an inductive charging station and measuring probes

iOS and Android smartphone application to check pool status

Bluetooth connection for controlling OFI lighting

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