Controlling the essential functions of the technical room with the telephone is an increasing demand from users! To do so, what could be simpler than installing a standard electrical box that actually hides its game well?

tild is a standard electrical box in which has been integrated an intelligent module capable of managing several functions in your pool! Thanks to the box and its application, setting up the essential functions of your pool has never been so easy.

Thanks to tild, discover a complete, pre-wired box capable of controlling the filtration according to the water temperature and the risk of frost, controlling the LED spotlights or even programming an auxiliary output intuitively via the smartphone! Where connected boxes can become real gasworks at the installation, tild integrates all the equipment protection components and connection terminal blocks to really simplify the commissioning of this device.

With tild, choose a box that will please your customers and that will not change your installation habits!

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Filtration adapted to the water temperature (sensor supplied)
Weekend mode can be activated.
Automatic switching on of lights, colour and brightness management
Programmable auxiliary output
iOS / Android smartphone application
Remote update of the device via the application

Data sheet

Anti-frost protection
Pump filtration control
12V lights power supply 100
230V auxiliary output
App Bluetooth®
Exclusive PRO range

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