To supply maintenance devices for pool, use the CLT-M+ panels fitted with many 230V outputs to supply pH regulation, filtration panel, etc.

The curve D breaker allows to supply a heat pump. The 30 mA residual current protects all equipments connected to the CLT-M+.

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Distribution panel for technical room
With 30mA residual current protection
4 curve C outputs (2x10A, 1x16A and 1x20A)
HEAT PUMP : 1 curve D breaker (6 to 25A according to reference)

Installation exemple :
- 1 electric control panel
- 1 light for technical room
- 1 salt chlorinator
- 1 heat pump
- 1 pool cover

Data sheet

230V auxiliary output 4
30 mA current protection
Exclusive PRO range

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