Limpido Z3 50


W ith Limpido Z3, you had a perfect solution for a powerful, compact and complete water treatment.
The device produces automatically chlorine up to a ORP setting value (ORP probe supplied) and regulates pH with embedded dosing pump.
The device is supplied with transparent, compact and luminous Zelia Cell. The cell is fitted wih embedded flow switch and espicially designed for tiny machine room.

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For pools up to 60 m³

Transparent and luminous cell
Adapts production to temperature water and pool cover
pH and ORP regulation embedded

Supplied with Zelia Pod to save place and secure he pH / ORP measures

Automatic chlorine production by salt chlorination

No production setting

Autonomous running

New transparent cell to check water quality

Best-seller : more than 8500 devices sold during last 10 years SHOCK program / 24h set with only one button

LED indicators : polarity inversion, flow detection, production, etc.

Data sheet

Exclusive PRO range
Salt chlorinator 50
Chlorine production max. 10
Zelia cell
pH regulation
RedOx regulation
Pool cover detection
Digital display

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