Mini-BRiO+ M6 (10m)

Color : Cold white

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Mini-floodlight to screw in outlets (1.5 or 2 in)
Manufactured without corrosive
Fitted with 10m cable
Compatible with BRiO niche (with specific bezel : PF10R14J)

WARNING : lighting unit only
Needs a Mini-BRiO+ bezel to create a complete floodlight
Available in different colors, shapes, materials (formers Mini-Chroma+, Mini-Bahia+, Mini-Bahia XI+, etc.)

Cold white light
Economic electrical consumption : 6W
High luminosity : 700 lm

Data sheet

Cold white lighting
Power 6
Max luminous flux 700
Customizable bezel
Exclusive PRO range
RC+ and WiL compatible

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