tild - electric and connected control panel

tild : your automated pool assistant


Users are increasingly wanting to have control over the main functions of the technical room via their phone! To do this, what could be easier than installing a standard control panel that is more than it appears on the surface?

The Tild solution is a complete pre-wired control panel that gives you control over filtration according to the water temperature and risk of frost, and allows you to control the LED lighting or program an auxiliary output intuitively via your smartphone!

With lots of options and capabilities, Tild is also equipped with a heat pump outlet and pre-wired connections for control of the water level and pool cover.

With Tild you can offer your customers a control panel that meets their needs, but which is just as easy to install and connect as a standard panel!

With Tild, you are choosing a control panel that your customers will love!


  • Programming of equipment on your smartphone with an intuitive and user-friendly application
  • Connection to local Wifi device and with Bluetooth®. Extend the Wifi signal to the technical room with a PLC kit.
  • Automatic modes: filtering according to water temperature and lighting switched on at sunset
  • Temperature-controlled filtration runs with automatic calculation displayed in the App
  • Direct selection of the light colour (12 colours available and 7 sequences)


  • Filtration adapted to the water temperature (sensor provided) with optional weekend mode
  • Automatic lighting activation, colour and brightness control + weekend mode
  • Programmable auxiliary output for treatment device, robot cleaner with enslavement configuration
  • iOS/Android smartphone app with data history and intuitive set up with the Tild
  • Remote updating of the device throughout the whole of its lifetime
  • Wifi connection to control all features remotely and Bluetooth connection in case your technical room does not have Wifi
  • D16 protected outlet for heat pumps.


The Tild application has a weekend mode that can be activated and configured via specific settings! At weekends the pool is used more so you can programme longer filtration times and extend lighting times later into the night! Your projectors will turn on automatically on Friday and Saturday according to the pre-defined times!


  • Connections on modular standard electrical components
  • Forced start/Pump stop inputs
  • 3-position modular switch (Tild / 0 / MANU)
  • Inverseurs 3 positions (tild / 0 / MANU)
  • Cover input to automatically adjust the filtration and treatment time
  • D16 protected outlet for heat pumps. Cable section suitable for a D20
  • Transformer 230/12V 100VA
  • For pump up to 7A- single phase (1.5 cV)