The company DNA :

Each year we build on our pool market experience to design innovative solutions shaped towards end user’s and pool installator’s expectations. New wits have joined our R&D department over the years so that now we have gained skills in electronics, optics and electrochemistry. Each manufactured product has been thought up and designed in our office.

En constante amélioration :

Moreover product design, we improve each year already existing devices with adding new technologies in order to be more reliable, economic and efficient. In 2016, we developed a new cooling system corrosion free for all LED lightings. This new manufacturing system is reducing efficientyly the heas and thus increasing the lifespan of the LED.


Our recents achievements :

Each year, we propose new products with one aim : propose an efficient, reliable and friendly-using device. Last years, we subscribed our products to differents innovations trophies and won some awards:

  • 2013 Professional swimming pool organisation/federation FPP silver trophy – Plug-in-Pool – equipment category
  • 2014 Professional swimming pool organisation/federation FPP silver trophy – Zelia – equipment category
  • 2014 Innovation trophy – Piscine Global – Zelia – water treatment category

A complete and versatile team :

Basically, our company was specialized in electric system. To opened new developpement opportunities, we added new profiles to our R&D team with new skiils : electronic, chemical, design, ioT, etc. Our team is composed by :

  • enginners (with 15 years experience in pool)
  • software developers (Bluetooth, iOS, Android)
  • industrials designers