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  • Zenit is a panel used to long-distance control of Meteor. Zenit is installing in living room, pool house or a terrasse and offers an easier control of the pool. With Zenit, you have the same confort of using than Meteor.Zenit is fitted with Bluetooth® system to control it with smartphone app. You can manage the level water, LED color and operating ranges...

  • Meteor 2's Option

  • Le coffret CID-M permet d'alimenter et de protéger les équipements installés dans le local technique grâce à son interrupteur différentiel 30mA. Il est recommandé dans le cadre d'une installation avec un coffret Meteor.CID-M panel supplies and protects equipments of technical room with the 30mA residual current protection fitted. It's perfect to power...

  • CID-M+ gets to your technical room safety and professessionalism. Connect your heat pump with the curve D breaker and other equipment with curve C breaker.Devices are protected with the 30 mA residual current protection embed in the CID-M+.

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