Meteor - smart control panel 

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  • The new control panel generation is still providing an easy operation with a comfortable installation. Latest features will make the control of the pool by he end user easier.Let' s find out how you can remote control your pool with our App via Bluetooth! (optional) Bring together other available options to make the best of your device.

  • Turn the METEOR XC into the real pool´s brain and optimize filtration time according to water temperature. It also offers the possibility to control the main functions of your swimming pool such as lighting, heating system, etc.The METEOR XC model includes the water treatment through salt electrolysis. In order to avoid excessive chlorine levels, the...

  • Meteor 2's Option

  • Le coffret CID-M permet d'alimenter et de protéger les équipements installés dans le local technique grâce à son interrupteur différentiel 30mA. Il est recommandé dans le cadre d'une installation avec un coffret Meteor.CID-M panel supplies and protects equipments of technical room with the 30mA residual current protection fitted. It's perfect to power...

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