Power control 

Power control

The standard electric control panel

This system is in any machine room. The electric control panel (also known as box, switchboard...) fulfils different simple but essential tasks to guarantee the smooth operation of the pool.

Power supply and protection of the pump, personal protective device against residual current (30mA RCD), programing of the daily filtering time or power supply of the lights...

All these features are in the control panel.

46 years of experience in control panels manucfacturing

Since 1973 we have been manufacturing pre-wired control panels with the aim to ease the installer’s work.

Thanks to the trust established with both the installers and suppliers of electric components we are continuously improving our control panels with new features.

In all our control panels meet some details making the difference :

  • MF/IP terminal for level control
  • terminal for remote control.

Smart management of water level

To maintain a stable water level over the season is both difficult and necessary for the device’s safety. Evaporation, number of bathers, maintenance have an impact on the water level.

To automate this task, select a water level device. It will maintain the best level for the pump running (no danger of loss of prime or overuse) and help saving money over time.

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  • The new control panel generation is still providing an easy operation with a comfortable installation. Latest features will make the control of the pool by he end user easier.Let' s find out how you can remote control your pool with our App via Bluetooth! (optional) Bring together other available options to make the best of your device.

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  • Le coffret CID-M permet d'alimenter et de protéger les équipements installés dans le local technique grâce à son interrupteur différentiel 30mA. Il est recommandé dans le cadre d'une installation avec un coffret Meteor.CID-M panel supplies and protects equipments of technical room with the 30mA residual current protection fitted. It's perfect to power...

  • Electronic thermostat with digital displayFast heat rise

  • Electronic thermostat with digital displayFast heat rise

  • Electronic thermostat with digital displayFast heat rise

  • Electronic thermostatTo be fitted directly into canalisationTo be used only single-phased

  • Niva and Lineo level controllers provide an efficient level control of vanishing edge or peremiter overflow swimming pools.They keep the right water level that allows to protect the filtration pump and reduce the water consumption.

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