pH regulation 

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  • A good pH guarantees an efficient water treatment. With Phileo system, you analyses and adjusts automatically pH in function of values set ondevice.

  • With pHileo LT, adjusts easily and automatically pH of your pool to improve the water treatment. pHileo LT analyses pH and adjusts according to pre-set values (4 values available).

  • Phileo PRO is an automatic pH regulation used to optimize the pool water treatment. Phileo PRO adapts automatically pH according to a settingvalue.Thanks to ergonomic using and easy installation, Phileo PRO is the perfect device for an efficient water treatment system.

  • Ideal to help users with manual water treatment, the OFI floating analyser will regularly analyse the essential components of water treatment and give advice in real time. To have a real time view, Ofi, installed in the pool, continuously monitors the essential elements of the water (pH, Chlorine, Salt, Conductivity and Water Hardness) to allow the user...

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