Water treatment 

Water treatment

A different approch to salt chlorination

For more than 10 years now we have been using our automation expertise in developping our salt chlorination range: the chlorine production is meant to be linear and based on the water temperature.

The salt chlorinator daily analyzes the water temperature and defines accordingly an optimal production time to reach the required chlorine level for an efficient disinfection.

Against a manual adjustement of the production intensity this different approach guarantees a mastered and linear tear of the titanium plates and helps to limit handling the device by the end user.

During heat waves it is possible to boost the production for a 24 hours period.

Perfect for machine room with variable speed pumps

Pumps with variable speed often run during 24h which may be critical if the salt chlorinator works together with the filtration. To avoid an overchlorination the salt chlorinator must be controlled by the redox value.

A salt chlorinator based on the water temperature will stop its production at the end of his programme even if the production is still running.

How to decide on size of a salt chlorinator ?

The pool volume is not the only parameter to take into account to select a salt chlorinator. The pH control, the stabilizer level, days of sunshine and attendance rate are all key factors to be considered.